A Little Intro to Me and My World, Aleisha Gore

I’m more than just my name.  I’m a product of the surviving of my childhood with 5 brothers and a single sister, my adventures into adolescence when I traveled to find a new world outside of my own and the dedication to thriving and building a world where my dreams become my reality and the reality was just a dream.  I create as much as I can in as many genres as I can dream up.  I’ve been a kid, I’ve been a teen, I’ve been a traveler and a bad girl.  I’ve been a philanthropist and an eager learner of languages, history and culture.  I make discoveries inside and outside my own head.  I believe peace is possible.  Love and communication are keys to understanding.  The world is big and yet it’s small enough to know we’re all one.  Other than all that, I write music videos, lyrics, short stories, novels, poetry, movie scripts, PSAs and sketches.  You can even see me on youtube reciting poetry, singing or acting in a comedy sketch.  http://www.youtube.com/espritfilms


It was cold but I was fed so I was happy.


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